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Sony HVL-F32M F32M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe

Guide number of 321

Dimensions (W × H × D): Approx. 66 × 119 × 82 mm (2 5/8 in. × 4 3/4 in. × 3 1/4 in.), Weight: Approx. 235 g (8.3 oz.) (without batteries)

Sony HVL-F32M F32M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe

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Product Highlights

  • Powerful flash: With a guide number of 32 (GN327), this powerful flash is ready to shine a light on a variety of situations.
  • Compact and slim: The HVL-F32M is only 82 mm thick, giving it a slim profile that makes it easy to use and easy to carry. It requires minimal space in your camera case or bag where room is limited, and once you put it on your camera it is very easy to handle.
  • Bounce Structure:As the name implies, “bounce flash” means light is bounced off a surface such as the ceiling rather than being directed straight at the subject. This reduces the intensity of shadows and produces a softer light for more natural looking images. Since the flash has a pivoting head, this bounce flash technique can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • LCD panel indicates modes and settings :The informative LCD panel takes the guesswork out of flash photography as it enables you to change modes and settings easily with fingertip control. A charge progress indicator is equipped so you’ll always have a clear idea of when you can fire off your next shot. Mode and flash intensity are also shown on the LCD panel, plus a warning display when the remaining charge gets too low.
  • Dust and moisture resistant design:To ensure reliability even in challenging conditions such as outdoor wilderness situations, specially designed seals at joints around the body, LCD panel, mounting foot, and moving parts keep dust and moisture out. This is a particular bonus in outdoor usage where you have no control over various factors including wind and environmental dust.8
  • High-speed sync (HSS): Take advantage of high shutter speed Auto shooting. Whereas conventional sync shooting required that the shutter speed be the same or slower than the synced flash speed, the aperture would be narrowed, making it difficult to gain background bokeh effects. But with high-speed sync (HSS) you can use flash with any shutter speed, even up to the highest shutter speed provided by the camera. This allows you to increase the aperture as needed to create a narrow depth of field that keeps your subject in perfect focus while the background blurs, for beautiful portraits. Wireless high-speed sync is also possible with compatible cameras.


WEIGHT(APPROX.) 235g (8.3 oz) (only main unit)
SHOE TYPE Multi Interface Shoe
POWER LEVEL SWITCHING 22 levels(1/1-1/128) 1/3 step

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