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Sony SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

Wider sound with Line-Shape Diffuser

X-Balanced Speaker Unit for powerful and clear sound

IP67 water resistant and dustproof

24 hours of battery life and quick charging

Portable size you can take anywhere

Sony SRS-XE300 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

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Product Highlights

  • Wider sound for better parties : The XE300 has a Line-Shape Diffuser that will help your sound reach further than ever. Plus, with its portable size and 24-hour battery life, it’s the perfect partner for your next party.
  • Introducing the Line-Shape Diffuser : Inspired by the audio systems used at professional concerts, Sony's unique Line-Shape Diffuser creates line source and distributes the sound energy much more evenly, across a wide sound front, to better fill your venue with audio. This spreads high-quality sound further and wider around your venue, without compromising on sound quality.
  • What the Line-Shape Diffuser does : With the Line-Shape Diffuser, the sound spreads further to the front area of the speaker allowing you to enjoy the same sound quality whether you are at the front or to the side of the speaker. This means that everyone in your venue can dance to the same music feeling the same sound quality. A=Conventional Service Area B=Wider Service Area with Line-Shape Diffuser
  • How it works : Unlike a conventional speaker, with most of the energy focused from the center of the cone, our unique Line-Shape Diffuser refocuses the sound through a narrow aperture. The increase in sound pressure energy spreads the audio equally in each direction both further and wider out from the speaker.
  • What is the X-Balanced Speaker Unit? : Unlike the circular diaphragm in a conventional speaker unit, the newly developed X-Balanced Speaker Unit in the XE300 features a non-circular diaphragm which realises more sound pressure for a high-quality sound.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
A Speaker that Kept the party going on holiday.

So I got this speaker just before going on holiday, I tried it out a few times at home but wanted to wait until i could take it with me to have that party atmosphere by the hot tub. With its waterproof rating i thought i would test the durability and battery life while away.
Like other recent Sony products packaging is suitable for recycling so great if you're someone who thinks about the enviroment.
The speaker looks good and is a great shape to stand on end or its side. Its simple to use and easy to connect.
Whilst away 1 battery charge was ample and the speaker was used at various times throughout the holiday.
What impressed me in particular was the didtance the bluetooth remained connected as i walked around the cottage with the speaker xonnected to my phone. I found this allowed me not to have to think about leaving my phone right next to the device.
My one observation would be the additional apps that you can download from the QR code could be improved as they seemed quite basic.
Another great product by Sony

Stylish speaker with superb sound

I have been using the Sony SRS-XE300 for about 6 weeks now and have been delighted with its qualities.

It has performed brilliantly in a variety of settings, lounge, large church hall with poor acoustics. I havent used it outside yet.

I have been impressed with the clarity of the music with its solid bass line. The volume is remarkable and able to fill a large room with ease. The sound is very evenly distributed across the room.

Setting up to both an iPhone and iPad was very straight forward with excellent Bluetooth connectivity.

The shape of the speaker is unusual - pentagonal and stands about 12 inches tall. It has a very solid feel to it, weighing about 2.5 lbs. There is no handle so it is not so easily carried although it can fit in one hand comfortably - I have large hands though.

The battery life is superb with no concerns that it might fail in the middle of a session.

All in all a great speaker with great sound and versatility.

Great build quality but average sound.

I have had two Sony SRS-XB20 speakers was was immediately struck by the size of the box and then the XE300 speaker itself it seemed huge in comparison and as it turned out was over twice the weight.
By chance the speaker arrived just days before setting off on holiday and as we were travelling by car rather than plane including it with the luggage wasnt a problem and I looked forward to testing it with eleven family members ranging from 9-68 years!

Before leaving home I ensured it was set up and working and this was relatively easy. It came pre charged which meant I could quickly start pairing with various devices. Pairing with my iPad was swift and straightforward but frustratingly I couldnt pair it with my Android phone which was frustrating to say the least especially as the very basic instructions that came with the device made it all look so simple. Luckily other family members were able to connect their iPhones with ease.

It is certainly a robust and well built product and th

Battery powered amazing sound

When I first unpacked this speaker I was a little confused , I werent sure where the front was , its actually quite clever how this works, the sound is projected out at an angle from both sides giving a bigger sound stage , the battery did have a charge but I opted to charge it up.
It charged for a few hours (4 ish) the speakers first use was round at my allotment, I like to stream the local radio station from my phone when Im there, once you set up a Bluetooth connection (very easy) whenever you turn the speaker on it connects very quickly to my phone.
After a day of use the speaker was showing a battery level of 80%.
At work we listen to a radio soI brought the speaker in so I could listen to a music app, didnt matter where I went in the building the speaker remained connected to my phone, I was impressed with that, as others have struggled again all day use and still power left in the battery , quite amazing really.
At home I use it for background music streamed from my phone ,

The Sony XE300...A 'No Nonsence' BT Speaker!

First impressions, out-of-the-box, of the Sony SRS-XE300...Smooth, slender looking and aesthetically beautiful but it's a chunky speaker (not in a heavy way though) and cries out "I am not as portable as you think I am".
In my opinion, the XE300 makes an excellent house/garden party speaker through and through, yes it's portable in the sense it can be moved from inside to outside and back again easily but transporting it to say the beach or on holiday is gonna take up space in your bag (I think XE300s little brother, the XE200 with it's smaller form factor, would be better suited to this). You will have no issue with this around water due to the XE300s IP67 rating and they can also take a knock or two, Sonys portable speakers are some of the most durable I have ever come across.
The XE300 is taking it back to basics as well... just one single USB C port in sight for charging (or not when the rubber flap is closed for waterproofing), no aux connection for hardwiring...just a Bluetooth c