A habit-forming camera for everyday challenges

Sony mirrorless cameras take imaging far beyond the capability of a smartphone. As powerful as a pro camera, but smaller and easy to use, they turn your everyday shots into beautiful movies and photography to both see and feel.

The secret is sensor size

The image sensor is the true eye of a digital camera, so the larger the sensor, the better your images turn out. With a sensor 10-times, or more, the size of a smartphone sensor, every aspect of your imaging improves—more pixels, better low-light sensitivity and wider dynamic range. For sharper images, enlargements and prints every time. 
[1] Smartphone  [2] 1.0-type  [3] APS-C format  [4] 35mm full frame format

Bokeh (selective focus)

Unlike smartphones, the larger sensor in a Sony mirrorless camera allows for a shallow depth of field, or bokeh—to selectively focus on your subject. The dramatic effect adds depth and expression, especially to close-up images, for professional-looking results.

  • Sony mirrorless camera

    (35mm full-frame)

    Note how much better the eye is drawn to the sharply focused portion of the image when it is surrounded by a defocused background.

  • Smartphone

    Images without bokeh can seem merely ordinary, overly mechanical, and less interesting because they lack the photographer’s emotional involvement. 

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Fast focus locks onto your subject

Pets, children, vehicles of all types, do not stay still. The remarkable brain inside Sony mirrorless cameras locks onto moving subjects using multiple focus points, then tracks movement, keeping them ready to shoot the moment you are.

  • High-speed focus

    High-speed focus is a key advantage. It instantly locks onto a moving subject and anticipates where it will go next, so you easily stay focused and ready to shoot.

  • Precision tracking that covers nearly the whole frame

    Unlike typical DSLRs, Sony mirrorless cameras have focus points across almost the entire frame, to seek out your subject with both speed (phase detection AF) and accuracy (contrast detection AF).

  • Unique eye-priority focusing

    Eye AF gives you unrivaled portraits by precisely focusing on your subject’s eyes—a key to great portraits. For stunning wedding and other photography, no focusing tool is more powerful.

  • Eye AF for Animals

    Animal photography will never be the same, thanks to Real-time Eye AF for Animals. The camera focuses on and tracks the eyes of animals, for beautiful pet portraits and wildlife shots.

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Go anywhere and shoot anywhere with ease

Sony mirrorless cameras are compact and easy to use, so they’ll quickly become your daily go-to camera. The rechargeable battery, tilting screens and customisation make them an easy upgrade for any image enthusiast.

  • Compact, but with all the essentials

    Sony mirrorless cameras excel at maximising functional usability in a compact and lightweight body.

  • USB external power supply

    If your battery does run low, the camera can even be powered from common portable USB chargers.

  • Shoot holding camera in multiple positions

    Several of our cameras offer a very versatile tiltable LCD screen to comfortably shoot images with the camera held close to the ground or high over your head in all lighting conditions.

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A camera to take with you every day

The best camera is the one you have with you. One of these three compact, versatile, and high-quality cameras is likely to become your best companion whenever you venture out.

Taking compact convenience to the max

These compact mirrorless cameras better full-frame DSLRs at half the weight, with outstanding detail, sensitivity and image quality—with silent shooting that won’t disturb babies, wildlife, or the next table at your restaurant.

  • α 7 III

    Everything you could want in a camera

  • α 7 II

    Stabilised images, impressive quality

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